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Digestate Solutions

Spreading fleet at a farm in North Norfolk

Digestate is a nutrient-rich material remaining after the anaerobic digestion of a biodegradable feedstock. Aylsham Slurry Services started working with AD plants in 2014 and can offer you a full package from seeding to spreading of all your digestate needs.

With our fleet of tankers we can carry anything from 2,500 gallon tractor tankers to 6,000 gallon artic tankers for any of your haulage requirements throughout North Norfolk.

Our spreading fleet consists of:

  • 2x 2,500 gallon tankers on big single axle flotation tyres
  • 1x 3,700 gallon tanker on twin axle flotation tyres
  • 2x 4,000 gallon tankers on big twin steering axle flotation tyres
  • 3x Nurse Tanks

Application methods for above tankers are either 4-12 metre splash plate, 12 or 15 metre dribble bars, 3 metre cultivator incorporator or a 4.25 metre Vaderstad disc incorporator.

All tractors are fitted with GPS, flow metres and field print out for your records.

We can also do umbilical spreading for your slurry with either deep leg injection method or with a 12 metre dribble bar.

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